Music & Storytelling Program

Johnny Cuomo has been a working musician for over 15 years, playing, writing and performing folk, rock and Irish music.

In this interactive program he has developed for schools and libraries, Johnny will introduce children to stories from around the world, as well as traditional American and Native American folk tales. Using his skills on guitar, banjo, Irish flute, penny whistle, Indian flute, mandolin and harmonica, Johnny magically unfolds these tales, set to music, to bring a unique cultural and musical experience to the students. Johnny will also share some of his newly recorded original stories with the students, as they get to actively participate in the stories and songs. (Classroom format – Grades Pre K-3rd)

Traditional Irish Music Program

Traditional music from the Celtic Isles has been passed along and interpreted throughout many generations.

Although in many cases the tunes may be extremely old, present day musicians are still collecting and combining the old music with various current musical styles, which in turn will be passed along to future generations. In this fast paced concert program developed to introduce children to traditional Irish music, band members will perform songs and tunes played on instruments that are common in most Irish music, which may include guitar, banjo, Irish flute penny whistle, fiddle, accordion, bodhran and mandolin. The students will come away with a true appreciation of the Irish culture through their music. Audience participation will include an invitation for any step dancers in the audience to come on stage and join the band for a song. (Concert format – Grades 2-12)

IRELAND: Songs and Music from the Great Irish Famine to the Present

In keeping with the NYS curriculum for the Great Irish Famine, this living narrative of Irish history will introduce students to traditional Irish music by performing songs and tunes on a variety of instruments, including flute, tin whistle, mandolin, guitar and fiddle. Program will provide insight into the cultural and political role of music throughout Irish history. The program will focus on ballads of the tumultuous 19th century Ireland during the great famine, up to and including the resurgence of traditional folk music during the 20th century. This program can be a single classroom performance, workshop, or residency program. (Classroom format – Grades 4-12)

All the above Programs are registered with Eastern Suffolk BOCES and Nassau BOCES Artists in Schools Arts in Education programs.

Special Programs for the Three Village School District:

The Three Village School Districts offers Saturday and Summer Enrichment Programs for students in grades K-7. The program includes classes that enrich the district’s curriculum

and provide opportunities for creative expression. Johnny lends his talents to this program by teaching a variety of classes each semester. Some of the classes that he has offered include, Animals All Around, Music and Storytelling, and Learn to Play the Penny Whistle. For more information on these programs, contact Three Village School District, Office of Community Partnerships, or email Johnny.

Guitar and Pennywhistle Lessons:

Johnny also offers private half hour guitar lessons for beginners and penny whistle lessons by appointment.  He can also arrange group lessons by request.  Contact us for more information.